Ezeiza, in Buenos Aires, is the main airport in Argentina and receives annually about 10 million passengers. The site is preparing in 2019 to increase its service capacity to 19 million / year, which will pose a major challenge to airlines.

In the last quarter of 2018, Orbe conducted a turnaround measurement project for a Brazilian airline, as mentioned in an article of December 2018 (https://goo.gl/R11cQC). Our team, which had already run several national airports, extended its operations to Argentina. The project consists of measurements of the processes on the aircraft while on the ground. Activities such as: embarkation / disembarkation; loading / unloading of luggage; Fuel supply; catering, aircraft cleaning, among others.

In addition to the partnership with CH Consulting – https://grupoch.pt -, the work in Ezeiza reinforces Orbe’s international expansion. We see these advances with great pride in our recognition of our ability and credibility.

We expect a 2019 of challenges and we are prepared to attend to the national and international market, always with customized projects and of great financial return to the Customers.